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Digital literacy for librarians who yearn to step forward.

Digital literacy is made up of two parts. One part is competence - having the right mix of skills. Libraries place a lot of importance on skills.

The other part is confidence - how YOU feel and behave.

Libraries often forget this part. The Library Boss doesn't.

The Library Boss helps you to flourish in a digital world by giving you the confidence and tools to learn, grow and shine better each day.

How to grow and nurture strong professional relationships
Two networking principles to inspire and build confidence in yourself and others.
How to identify and improve your transferable skills
Use this simple tool to identify which transferable skills help you to stand out.
It’s my party and I’ll celebrate if I want to
When did you last take a few moments to celebrate your wins? Today’s my day.

It's a pleasure to work with Sally, aka The Library Boss, because she can often see a solution which I'm too entrenched in the details to see for myself. I appreciate her capacity to cut through the layers, and offer practical suggestions that are grounded in current practice.

Cath Sheard