7 ways you can support The Library Boss

If you find any joy and value in The Library Boss, I share 7 ways you can cheer me on and come along for the ride.

Show your support

The Library Boss is a passion project that, with your support I hope will turn into a job. 

I know how crucial digital literacy is for librarians and I want to you to be less frustrated when embracing things digital.

Because I want you to make better decisions with your community. 

And because I deeply believe in the value of librarians.

Your support, encouragement and feedback will help me figure out what YOU value most and whether The Library Boss will ever be more than a one-sided love interest.

So I've made a list of 7 ways you can show your support, starting with the quickest and easiest.

#1. Share blog posts

If you know someone who might also like a blog post you've read, then please consider sharing it with them.

  • Use the ‘Click to tweet’ button to share the post with your Twitter followers.
  • You can also share the post by using the Facebook, Linkedin and email buttons at the bottom of every post.

#2. Take the quiz

Take the What’s your digital super-power? quiz.

Some people have told me that the results are delightfully unexpected! Others have said that they are able to embrace things digital with more confidence and clarity.

#3. Ask me a question

I LOVE questions!

So ask me anything.

I’m always available to share the knowledge and experiences I have acquired working in libraries, and I excel at suggesting new ways to help you get unstuck.

Send me an email ( or get in touch via Twitter (@sallyheroes). I would love to hear from you.

#4. Comment on a blog post

If a blog post resonates with you in some way, then please let me know in the comments.

I don’t want The Library Boss to be a dark and lonely place. When you leave a comment you're saying "I'm here, I'm a part of this!" and it makes my day. It does. Truly. 🙂

#5. Make a contribution

If you find any joy and value in the work I’ve done then please consider making a contribution to buy me a cup of tea, a fancy sandwich or a good lunch. The link goes directly to Paypal where you can contribute an amount of your choice via credit card or with your Paypal account.

Your contribution will help cover costs so I can spend more time creating things for librarians like you to flourish in the digital world.

#6. Work with me

If you are a library manager or involved in the professional development of librarians, I would love to work with you on a project related to digital literacy and/or creating meaningful training opportunities for librarians. I particularly enjoy short-term part-time projects as this allows me to continue creating valuable content for The Library Boss.

 If you’re a librarian who wants help to flourish with things digital then I would really like to support you.

I can:

  • Listen to what you want to achieve and the challenges you face
  • Offer practical suggestions to help you take action
  • Work with you to create a set of next steps that you can't wait to get started on
  • Or be your accountability buddy to keep you from getting sidetracked or bogged down.

Send me an email at or get in touch via Twitter at @sallyheroes​​​​.

#7. Write a testimonial

If you have already worked with me, or you have had a good look around The Library Boss and like what you have seen then please write a testimonial.

I’m not asking you for a big long story filled with detail. Click the link to share ONE positive experience of working with me or how The Library Boss helped you.

Because your testimonial might be the spark that helps someone choose to work with me.

Thanks, you’re the best!

Cath Sheard

It's a pleasure to work with Sally, aka The Library Boss, because she can often see a solution which I'm too entrenched in the details to see for myself. I appreciate her capacity to cut through the layers, and offer practical suggestions that are grounded in current practice.